If you aren't familiar with this event, check out the highlights from last year. Something to get your mouth watering...

The 2019 Great Kei Trek

Welcome to mountain biking’s best kept secret. The Great Kei Trek.

After an unbelievable 2018 inaugural event, the 2019 staging promises to be even better.

The scheduled dates are from Thursday the 2nd of May to Saturday the 4th of May.

Why have we chosen these dates? Simple. The 1st of May is a Public Holiday, so you will be able to travel to Queenstown without taking an extra day’s leave. And we will finish on Saturday the 4th, giving you Sunday to return home.

If you haven’t heard about The Great Kei Trek, read on. If you have, well then best you just enter as spots for the 2019 edition will be limited.



Why is GKT so special?

Great Kei Trek | MTB Experience

Whats in it for you?

Great Kei Trek | MTB Experience


Great Kei Trek | MTB Experience

Farmer’s Ride
& Mini Kei Trek

Great Kei Trek | MTB Experience

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Cool Ideas