Whilst on our trip, we visited two schools in the Morgan Bay area that desperately need our help, and we have adopted them as our 2019 beneficiaries.

Ferndale Rural Primary School is situated just on the outskirts of Morgan Bay. I visited there recently and all I can say is that I was absolutely appalled by the state of the school. No running water, no facilities, no toilets, no school chairs, no walls between classrooms. A sad state. They don’t even have a fridge to keep what little food they have cool.

There are just 79 children in attendance, and according to the principal of the school, government only gives the school R15 per child per term. That’s just under R1200 a month. A sad and sorry state.

Ixgara Creche is situated in Morgan Bay in the township and is run and supported by the community in Morgan Bay. There are 45 children in attendance and all aged 5 and under. Their needs are not as pressing at Ferndale Rural Primary School, but they have a long way to go.

If you would like to support these schools in your personal capacity, or through your company, there is a pledge link when you enter, so please do give generously. Anything will make a difference to these kids.

Alternatively, please feel free to contact me – – to discuss. Your contribution will be greatly appreciated.

Plus as a “Corporate” we will be able to issue you with the necessary paperwork as the Creche is a registered non-profit organisation.

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