Introducing The Great Kei Trek Farmer’s Ride

This event was introduced in 2018 to accommodate those with schedules not affording them the opportunity to take the full three days off work or be away from family, and it turned out to be an absolute winner.

In 2019, The Farmer’s Ride will take place on the 4th of May, and will follow the last day of GKT from Komga to Kei Mouth – a distance of 75km, and this is ideal for those who are not yet up to the challenges of a full 3-day stage race. For more information on the route, please check out the website - and look at the Day 3 route map and profile.

Kicking off at 07.30, riders will follow the exact route and enjoy the same hospitality at the finish on the Morgan Bay Cliffs. All post-race activities for the day, such as your medal collection, your free burger and of course a few refreshments, will happen at The Kei Mouth Golf Club, just 4km away.

Costing just 220 bucks, I’m sure you will agree that this is tremendous value.
And of course one lucky rider will win a team entry into the 2020 Great Kei Trek – a prize valued at over R 13 000 – a prize for you and your partner.
Because of the huge success of this event in 2018, we are going to insist you enter online – CLICK HERE to enter

Race Number Pickup for the Farmer’s Ride will take place at the Komga Showgrounds on the 3rd of May from 15.00 to 19.00 and early on the 4th of May from 06.00 to 07.00.

This year, entries will be restricted to 100 riders, so we do insist that you enter online.

Introducing the Mini Kei Trek

Does the prospect of a 3-day event or 75km sound too daunting for you? Well never fear.
We are pleased to announce the Mini Kei Trek.

This is a 40km ride, and will appeal to the younger and less experienced riders. All proceeds from this ride will go to Ferndale Rural Primary School and the Ixgara Creche. Just 160 bucks to enter and this includes a burger and a race medal after the ride.

Race Number Pickup for the Mini Kei Trek will take place at the Komga Showgrounds on the 3rd of May from 15.00 to 19.00 and early on the 4th of May from 06.00 to 07.00 at the start – Start venue to be confirmed.

CLICK HERE to enter

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