Why is Great Kei Trek so special?

The riding – it’s not a walk in the park, and some have said it’s one of the tougher events around. But the views, the scenery, the hospitality and the camaraderie is unsurpassed
Here you will walk away with new friends, unlike the larger and less personalised events

The Great Kei Trek offers riding that will give riders a good mix of single track, jeep track and dirt roads. It’s not manicured like more established events, but it offers everything from jeep track, dirt roads, sublime single track, and yes… a few grassy bits.
And of course on Day 2 – FUR 1 and FUR 2 – 2 big, nasty and challenging climbs. But not technical and very do’able. If it gets too tough, as in 2019, you might find a friendly farmer who might just give you a bit of assistance up some of the hills – in fact, one lucky team were taken to the farmer’s house and he cooked them lamb chops for lunch before dropping them off at the top of the hill….
But as we always say…. “If it’s too rough, too tough…. Get a road bike”

The Great Kei Trek is more focused on being a tour – not a race

Strava sections – this will appeal to some of the “downhill racers”, as well as the climbers, and the technical guys/ girls. Each day will have 2 to 3 Strava Sections.

VIP hospitality all round – see more about the various Entry Packages
Not a mass participation event – limited numbers – limited to 200 riders

Not as expensive as competitor events

E-Bike category 

Unique riding to the area

Luxliner Coaches shuttle you from East London airport to Queenstown and from Morgan Bay to East London airport – now at a nominal fee

Complimentary Rider Box transport to start and back to Jhb
Return bike transport from Jhb at a nominal fee
Vehicle transfers from start to Morgan Bay at a nominal fee

Outstanding Eastern Cape hospitality..

Splash Works
Super Rent
Cool Ideas
Squirt Cycling
Ford Benoni