Queenstown? Where the hell is that?

Queenstown, is a town in the middle of the Eastern Cape Province situated approximately 770km from Johannesburg and less than 200km from East London. (Incidentally, Underberg is nearly 600km away from Jhb…)

Queenstown was founded in 1853, and is home to one of the more famous South African schools, namely Queens College.
Queens will be turning 160 years old in 2018.

In chatting to some of the grumpy cyclists about this special event, the comments were along the lines that Queenstown is too far. And it will be a big schlep to get there.

But, look at it this way.

If you are from Johannesburg, you will register in Joburg. You will get your goodie bag and Rider Box “RB” here, and have the weekend to pack. Thereafter, you will return your RB to us a few days later and we will transport it to the start for you.

We will also have bike transport available for a small fee – amount still to be confirmed, but in the region of R500.

We are working on Cape Town, so please don’t stress guys and girls.

The next bit applies to Cape Town and Joburgers.
You can catch a flight to East London, and there will be a complimentary bus service, courtesy of Phola Coaches, offering complimentary rides for Great Kei Trek participants to the start in Queenstown.
From the time you leave Joburg, you should be in Queenstown in a shorter time than it will take you to drive to Natal.
And when you have finished your ride, Phola Coaches will be on standby to take you back to the airport, so you can catch your flight home.

If you choose to drive to Queenstown, we will have a limited service offering vehicle shuttles to Morgan Bay, but we will make more information available shortly.

And finally, if you are desperate to ride and can’t afford the flight, or would rather use your hard-earned cash elsewhere, rather than on a flight, we will also be offering limited bus transport to Queenstown and back to Jhb for a nominal fee – again to be released shortly.

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