If you aren't familiar with this event, check out the highlights from 2019. Something to get your mouth watering...

The 2019 Great Kei Trek

Welcome to what was once mountain biking’s best kept secret. The Great Kei Trek

After an unbelievable 2019 event, and judging from the unbelievable feedback we received, 2020 promises to be even better. 

The scheduled dates for 2020 are 30 April to 2 May. 

In keeping with the tradition of creating top class and high-quality events, The Leverage Corporation is proud to announce the 2020 staging of The Great Kei Trek. 

The Great Kei Trek, is a 3-day, 240km race/ ride. A race that isn’t a race. Each day we have various Strava Sections and we had a number of these on each day – some were won by the racing snakes and some by the non-snakes, and some were won by people who didn’t even ride a particular Strava Section.



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