Race Rules

Ideally, if you adhere to the TLC MTB Code of Conduct, we would love to say that “There are no Rules”. But sadly, we need to ensure that there is a comprehensive list of “Do’s and Don’ts”. Read on….

Please adhere to the D.B.A.P.B.L. code – aka The Horrie Code

The rules and regulations pertaining to The Great Kei Trek may change slightly in the weeks leading up to the race.

Mountain Bike racing is by nature self-reliant and often held in remote areas. All competitors must participate with an understanding and acceptance of this ethos.


Medical Condition

Race Briefings

Prize Giving and Award Ceremonies


The Team

Helmets and Riding Attire

The Start

Individual and Team Results

Rider Identification and Timing

Nutrition and Hydration

Seconding and Support

Withdrawals and Formation of New Teams

Ethical and Environmental Considerations

Traffic Regulations

Basic Race Rules and Etiquette (DBAPBL)


Fines Policy