GKT Route Map

Subject to change. See maps below.

There will be some beach riding, but we know how much a service costs for your bike, so whilst the scenery will be spectacular, we will limit beach riding to less than a few kilometre’s over the three days.

Something very important to take note of. Distances may be shorter than normal, but that’s because there are no endless kilometres of long dirt roads. This is good honest riding. Not too technical, but really rewarding.

What you will learn on this weekend, is that it’s not just about the riding…. There’s a lot more on offer that will make you want to keep coming back time after time.

Transkei Day - Friday - 53km

A special journey into the Old Transkei. The route will take you towards Kei Mouth where you will cross the Great Kei River on the local ferry. From there, riders towards Seagulls and Waterpoint 1, where you get to enjoy a toasted sarmie and chips, take in the scenery, and possibly enjoy a cold beverage of your choice. This will also be a compulsory Investec checkpoint.

After that, it’s off along the beach heading north. For the “Technically Challenged” we have an opt-out section where you can pop into Trennery’s and have a light refreshment. 

For those who love the challenge, it’s on towards The Gates. From there, you head back to Kei Mouth, with a surprise stop or two on the way.

Once you cross the Kei on the ferry, it’s off to the Kei Mouth Golf Course – a detour if you are up to it. And a special spoil, we have built some wonderful new trail into a gem of a venue called Yellowwood, where you have have your last “refreshment” before riding back to the Morgan Bay Caravan Park.

Enjoy a cold one and join in for a great dinner.

Haga Haga Day - Saturday - 55km

The Haga Haga day is a personal favourite. Riders head out of Morgan Bay, climbing on tar for about 5km before turning into The Black Rock Farm, owned by Revell Saint and the Saints Family Trust. The farm boasts more than a bump or two, but the scenery is out of this world.

After leaving the farm, it’s amazing descent into Haga Haga and the Haga Haga Hotel at the 23km mark. This will be the Investec checkpoint for the day. Again, relax, take in the scenery and enjoy. 

Then it’s hello F.U.R. 1 as you leave Haga on the way home, back towards Morgan Bay. The beautiful cliffs of Morgan Bay are waiting. Again, take in the scenery, relax, have a cold-one and then head back to the finish approximately 2km away.

Then get refreshed and get ready to enjoy the afternoon, and prepare yourself for the Pizza Night at Bayview Farm.

Bayview Day - Sunday - 45km

This will be the shortest day of the tour, allowing those who are flying home early, enough time to finish, have a burger and a shower, and then head on back home. 

It starts with a sneaky climb out of Morgan Bay heading towards Kei Mouth. Here you will ride via Lover’s Lane and enjoy the stunning view of the Kei River Mouth.

Then it’s off to Rocky Ridge and Horseshoe Bend, where a breathing view awaits you. Here you will have a spoil with a nice cold-one as well as a boerie-roll or two. 

Just a few kilometres away is Bayview Farm, owned by Ken Tucker. 

Stop off for a mini-spoil. Where on earth do you get pizza at a water table, and plenty of it? And a few cold liquid refreshments as well. This will also be an Investec checkpoint.

After spending more time than you need to, it’s the final stretch back into Morgan Bay via the Morgan Bay Cliffs for one last cold-one and another photo opportunity.

Sadly some of you will be going home, but do try and stay for the Legendary After Party on Sunday night.

Route Overview

These are the latest maps, but still subject to change.