The Investec Great Kei Trek Overview

The Investec Great Kei Trek, is a 3-day, 180km MTB ride. A race that isn’t a race. A solo or 2-rider team event, with different entry package options.

Once again, the stunning seaside village of Morgan Bay will be the home base of The Investec Great Kei Trek, just an hour’s drive up the coast from East London.

Three days, three different rides, but one venue. Morgan Bay.

Three days, riding on privately owned farms, riding into the Old Transkei, crossing the Kei River Ferry, and watching the sea break onto the cliffs of Morgan Bay.

Exciting visits will include the picturesque Bayview Farm, Oppie Plaas, a charming country restaurant, the Haga Haga Hotel, Trennerys, Seagulls, the now infamous Bushpig, the Shed, and if you are up to it, a shebeen or two on the way. And for good measure, the Kei Mouth Golf Course.

One venue means you can unpack your suitcase and not have the stress of moving your luggage from race village to race village.

We have developed some exciting and uncomplicated accommodation packages, and depending on the option you choose, you can make your own accommodation arrangements.

There are also over 400 beds available in the various houses, whether you rent a house or book a B&B.

Or you can stay in a 2-man VIP tent, with 2 stretchers and 2 camp chairs.

And we have taken care of transport logistics to help if you fly into East London. Read more to find out about Registration, Kit Transport, Bike Transport as well as Airport Transfers.

We have done this to make everything as simple and hassle-free as possible, making your experience more enjoyable.

Cycling in the Eastern Cape Wild Coast and the Old Transkei is truly something special as is The Investec Great Kei Trek. Something truly special.